Discover your true friends.

Do you want to find out who your real friends are? Read on and discover who your true friends are;

true friendship image.
true friendship image.

Life would be very meaningless without friends. It’s the most desirable gift of all. The ability to keep and have wonderful friends around us is a miracle worth celebrating. Although is quite easy to find friends and difficult to find true friends who are willing to die for you which is Indeed possibly the maximum degree of friendship. Everyone need someone to call a Friend and wants to be loved.

But the truth is that;

You don’t have to chase friends in life, sincere friends are always in close contact and stand up for each other and give you more reasons to love them as days goes by, a true friend is not just compassionate. They share your feelings, weeping with you when you weep and rejoicing with you when you rejoice.

A friend is the best gift we give to ourselves. Friends are those people in our life with whom we do not have any blood relation. It is a relation of love and regard towards each other. A true friend loves us completely, understands us, but never judge us and always tries to support us, help us and give us good advice.

true friendship image
true friendship image

Sometimes, you just have to do some stupid things in life to find out who are the ones who will stay on and accept you just the way you are. Now that you know your true friends, it is necessary to treat them right because we all need somebody to talk to, somebody that will listen somebody that understands.


Top 5 things mums keep away from their children.

Do you think your mum has no secret from you? here are some things you probably never knew;

You made her cry when she found out that she was pregnant. She cried when she gave you food. She cried the first time she held you in her arms… She cried with joy. She cried when you cried.

Stock photos.
Stock photos.

When you couldn’t fall asleep she sang a song for you. Even though she was tired herself she stayed up just to make sure you fell asleep. When you finally fell asleep, she stayed up for a little bit longer, just to look at you. She enjoyed the quietness and she watched how your face expressed more love than possible

It hurt when you grabbed her skin with your long nails. It hurt when she breastfed you and you bit her. It hurt when you kicked and punched her. It hurt carrying you for 9 months but she never told you.

She always put you first. When she got home from work and mostly felt like sleeping, she always took care of you first. She did anything in her power to keep you happy, and she always chose you before herself.

She learned to carry you while cleaning, cooking, her arms were tired, her back hurt. Her body went through lot of changes, just for you. But when you came into this world, she knew it was all worth it.

Stock photo.
Stock photo.

The joy you feel when you see your child happy beats everything. Despite all the pain, sleepless nights and the early mornings, she would still do it all over again, just for you.

Journey of life!

The day of our birth is the day of our getting on the train. This journey is full of pretty surprises, and also full of anguish. It begins with our getting on the train and finishes with our getting out of it. As we embark on this journey we meet people we want to stay with all through the journey.

free digital
free digital

But the truth is;

At some point our fellow-travellers get off the train including the ones that sit right next to us and deny us of their exceptional company. But it does not stop others from getting on. This journey is full of trials, fantasies, and lots of challenges which makes it the more reason we need to be nice to all passengers in the train.

The big mystery dwells in the fact that we will never know which station we are getting off. But the most important thing is that when it’s time for them to get off the train they will get out at the terminal station In so many ways with possessions they never have during their getting on. The thought that we contributed to their luggage and making it more treasured will make us happy.

Dear friends, let us take advantage of our train journey, not only for our own benefit, but for others. So when the moment of getting off the train comes, our place remains pleasurable for those who continue on the journey. for more on this click here

Dear fellow travellers, have a nice trip!!!   

challenging your emotions


What are does feelings underneath my depression?

Don Baker, pastor and author wrote of his experience with depression: “I seemed to be out of touch with relatity. Life was a blur, often out of focus. My life seemed to be nothing but pretense and fantasy.  The only solution-at times-seemed to be suicide….”.

These men did not follow their feelings. They rejected the despairing thoughts and  were able to overcome hurdles and their emotions of defeat.


Ask yourself:
Do I suffer from low self-esteem?
Am I having guilt problems?
Am I struggling with relationship problems?
Am I fearful about something?
Am I struggling with some loss?
What types of thoughts rule my mind?

What’s the way forward if you find yourself in such situation?

Talk with someone about your feelings, about your life. Expressing your feelings to someone is very beneficial. Especially a counselor, what underlies your feelings can help you begin to problem-solve.

Seeing your doctor for a physical exam can lead to further treatment for the physiological causes of depression. click to more on how to overcome depression

Spending quality time with friends, God, family members and church will give you a sense of connection and help you regain yourself.

Will you now consider taking a step towards rebuilding your life and reach out for help?      


Refuse to believe the lies you have been telling yourself. Lies that life is hopeless, you are worthless and you have no future.

Is time to see your life from a healthy perspective because you are a person of value.

See you next week!!

The precious gift of sex in marriage.

Hey! Just as I promised you last week, am back with another interesting story.


Have you ever been given a gift that you knew you didn’t deserve

Your guilt and sense of unworthiness must have kept you from enjoying it. This is the case for many, regarding the gift of sexual pleasure in marriage.

It seems to be too much a sin to accept that God would want you to enjoy sexual excitement and fulfilment. You feel as if you’ve disqualified yourself from such a gift. After all, you tasted the sweetness of sexual pleasure before marriage. Or, your mind has been twisted over the years by exposure to porn. A logical consequence for your sin, is that you shouldn’t have the freedom to enjoy sex with your spouse. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Have you ever noticed God doesn’t qualify what he will forgive and pardon? so, why do we act as if some sins are beyond His redemption and cleansing?

Let me ask you a probing question. Are you at any level withholding sexual pleasure in your marriage because you feel guilty? My friend, there is nothing spiritual or Godly about giving yourself a judgment for sin that God has forgiven.

Credit: Gray and Betsy

He has given you the gift of sexual pleasure to enjoy in marriage. It’s time to open the gift, If you find yourself in such situation, put a “stake in the ground“… something to remind you that the sin has been dealt with and has no hold on your current walk with God.

See you next week!!


The secrets to making your girlfriend/wife happy.

  Is your relationship working well? Do you think your girl friend is happy with you? Have you ever given her a surprise?

happy pics 2
Credit: Petre Kratochvil

Read on and find out how to keep your girlfriend happy.

Samson and Sandra were married for  two and a half years. Lately they have being fighting, and their marriage can be compared to the mouse and cat situation.

Sandra throws a tantrum if Samson shows up late for a date. Samson feels jealous when she talks about other guys. If things remain this bad the relationship is surely headed for the rock .

As time passes and they flash back to honeymoon period, couples stop behaving like they did when they first began their relationship.

Though it may seem difficult to understand a girl’s emotions, you can try some tricks to keep her happy. Here are few things a guy can do to keep his girlfriend/wife happy.

pamper her;

be loyal to her;

spend time with her;

give her space;

respect her decision;

display affections publicly;

surprise her with gift;

share things with her, tell her about your past life and don’t keep secret;

say sorry if you hurt her; and

call her frequently;

Credit: Getty images.

If you have been going through a rough patch with your girlfriend/wife or just fallen in love, you now have the secret to make her happy. It is time to give her wonderful reasons to fall in love with you all over again.

So! what are you waiting for?.

see you next week for more interesting stories.

childhood memories.


Where have all the adorable features of childhood flee to?

My childhood was fun and amazing. Full of adventures, love and admiration which cannot be forgotten in a hurry.  indeed it was!

Those days are evergreen in my mind, that sometimes i wish i could turn back the hands of time.

childhood image.

What made my childhood unique were the plays and adventurous activities we engaged in. I played: hide; and seek; suwe; ten-ten, lido and others. I was able to mingle as a child, go for sleep over with my play groups,  because there was so much unity and love.

Every day  was looked forward to because it was filled with many exciting events. We had activities like ‘tales by moonlight’, where an elder in the family or society, sat in the middle of children on a mat under the bright beautiful moonlight to tell folk tales. These tales were resolute in their moral lessons and values, they had great impact on my childhood. Recalling childhood memories can lead people to behave more ethically.

DTIJ-MOBILE-14.jpg Children Mobile Phones

The advent of the digital age, has restricted children from being “children”. Children either sit in front of TVs all day or engage with smart phones or other electronic gadgets rather than the conventional or traditional mode of interaction.


Today’s corrupt, wicked, and insecure society has reduced trust and love. In so much that parents do not allow their children to play with friends or stay out late.They are being cut off from their peers most times which hinders interaction. form more information on this click here

welcome to nita’s world of inspiration.

This is my very first post ever on this blog. Long before now, I have being thinking of what to blog,

and here we go,

Before I continue, let me introduce my self because, I know you will be th9QQRAIW6wondering at this point ” who Is this and what is she up to?” oh yes! I guessed right.

Well, I’m Anita Elagbaje aka “Nitaebony”,  whose origin is Nigeria “Giant of Africa” have you been there?. Give it a trial. I holds B.A in Mass Communication and presently studying to obtain M.A in International Public Relation and Global Communications Management at Cardiff University, UK. I intend to impacts lives positively  in the nearest future.

I will be Blogging on  interesting stories around the world with the view to creating positive impact. So, ride with me, let’s have fun as I share, find, like, comment and blog on issues that will inspire you.

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