welcome to nita’s world of inspiration.

This is my very first post ever on this blog. Long before now, I have being thinking of what to blog,

and here we go,

Before I continue, let me introduce my self because, I know you will be th9QQRAIW6wondering at this point ” who Is this and what is she up to?” oh yes! I guessed right.

Well, I’m Anita Elagbaje aka “Nitaebony”,  whose origin is Nigeria “Giant of Africa” have you been there?. Give it a trial. I holds B.A in Mass Communication and presently studying to obtain M.A in International Public Relation and Global Communications Management at Cardiff University, UK. I intend to impacts lives positively  in the nearest future.

I will be Blogging on  interesting stories around the world with the view to creating positive impact. So, ride with me, let’s have fun as I share, find, like, comment and blog on issues that will inspire you.

See you next week as I bring you interesting stories.



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