The secrets to making your girlfriend/wife happy.

  Is your relationship working well? Do you think your girl friend is happy with you? Have you ever given her a surprise?

happy pics 2
Credit: Petre Kratochvil

Read on and find out how to keep your girlfriend happy.

Samson and Sandra were married for  two and a half years. Lately they have being fighting, and their marriage can be compared to the mouse and cat situation.

Sandra throws a tantrum if Samson shows up late for a date. Samson feels jealous when she talks about other guys. If things remain this bad the relationship is surely headed for the rock .

As time passes and they flash back to honeymoon period, couples stop behaving like they did when they first began their relationship.

Though it may seem difficult to understand a girl’s emotions, you can try some tricks to keep her happy. Here are few things a guy can do to keep his girlfriend/wife happy.

pamper her;

be loyal to her;

spend time with her;

give her space;

respect her decision;

display affections publicly;

surprise her with gift;

share things with her, tell her about your past life and don’t keep secret;

say sorry if you hurt her; and

call her frequently;

Credit: Getty images.

If you have been going through a rough patch with your girlfriend/wife or just fallen in love, you now have the secret to make her happy. It is time to give her wonderful reasons to fall in love with you all over again.

So! what are you waiting for?.

see you next week for more interesting stories.


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