challenging your emotions


What are does feelings underneath my depression?

Don Baker, pastor and author wrote of his experience with depression: “I seemed to be out of touch with relatity. Life was a blur, often out of focus. My life seemed to be nothing but pretense and fantasy.  The only solution-at times-seemed to be suicide….”.

These men did not follow their feelings. They rejected the despairing thoughts and  were able to overcome hurdles and their emotions of defeat.


Ask yourself:
Do I suffer from low self-esteem?
Am I having guilt problems?
Am I struggling with relationship problems?
Am I fearful about something?
Am I struggling with some loss?
What types of thoughts rule my mind?

What’s the way forward if you find yourself in such situation?

Talk with someone about your feelings, about your life. Expressing your feelings to someone is very beneficial. Especially a counselor, what underlies your feelings can help you begin to problem-solve.

Seeing your doctor for a physical exam can lead to further treatment for the physiological causes of depression. click to more on how to overcome depression

Spending quality time with friends, God, family members and church will give you a sense of connection and help you regain yourself.

Will you now consider taking a step towards rebuilding your life and reach out for help?      


Refuse to believe the lies you have been telling yourself. Lies that life is hopeless, you are worthless and you have no future.

Is time to see your life from a healthy perspective because you are a person of value.

See you next week!!


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