Top 5 things mums keep away from their children.

Do you think your mum has no secret from you? here are some things you probably never knew;

You made her cry when she found out that she was pregnant. She cried when she gave you food. She cried the first time she held you in her arms… She cried with joy. She cried when you cried.

Stock photos.
Stock photos.

When you couldn’t fall asleep she sang a song for you. Even though she was tired herself she stayed up just to make sure you fell asleep. When you finally fell asleep, she stayed up for a little bit longer, just to look at you. She enjoyed the quietness and she watched how your face expressed more love than possible

It hurt when you grabbed her skin with your long nails. It hurt when she breastfed you and you bit her. It hurt when you kicked and punched her. It hurt carrying you for 9 months but she never told you.

She always put you first. When she got home from work and mostly felt like sleeping, she always took care of you first. She did anything in her power to keep you happy, and she always chose you before herself.

She learned to carry you while cleaning, cooking, her arms were tired, her back hurt. Her body went through lot of changes, just for you. But when you came into this world, she knew it was all worth it.

Stock photo.
Stock photo.

The joy you feel when you see your child happy beats everything. Despite all the pain, sleepless nights and the early mornings, she would still do it all over again, just for you.


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