About Me

My name is Anita, aka” Nitaebony”, Nice to meet you!

welcome to Nita’s Blog

I’m an African queen  whose origin is  Nigeria  “Giant of Africa”  have you been there?. Give it a trial. I hold B.A in  mass-communication from Nasarawa  State university Keffi, Nigeria,  and presently undergoing M.A  in International public  relations and global communication management at Cardiff University, UK.

I’m an individual  with difference who is ready to create an impact in people’s life within my reach, in doing this, I hope to build, change and as-well affect  live positively in the entertainment world. As  it is my goal to be supportive and assist everyone around the world who have lost focus in pursuits of talent, dreams and hope in the nearest future.

And how do I intend to do this?

I will be Blogging on interesting and inspiring stories around the world with the view to creating positive impact. So, ride with me, let’s have fun as I share, find, like, comment and blog on issues that will inspire you.

 stay tuned!


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