childhood memories.


Where have all the adorable features of childhood flee to?

My childhood was fun and amazing. Full of adventures, love and admiration which cannot be forgotten in a hurry.  indeed it was!

Those days are evergreen in my mind, that sometimes i wish i could turn back the hands of time.

childhood image.

What made my childhood unique were the plays and adventurous activities we engaged in. I played: hide; and seek; suwe; ten-ten, lido and others. I was able to mingle as a child, go for sleep over with my play groups,  because there was so much unity and love.

Every day  was looked forward to because it was filled with many exciting events. We had activities like ‘tales by moonlight’, where an elder in the family or society, sat in the middle of children on a mat under the bright beautiful moonlight to tell folk tales. These tales were resolute in their moral lessons and values, they had great impact on my childhood. Recalling childhood memories can lead people to behave more ethically.

DTIJ-MOBILE-14.jpg Children Mobile Phones

The advent of the digital age, has restricted children from being “children”. Children either sit in front of TVs all day or engage with smart phones or other electronic gadgets rather than the conventional or traditional mode of interaction.


Today’s corrupt, wicked, and insecure society has reduced trust and love. In so much that parents do not allow their children to play with friends or stay out late.They are being cut off from their peers most times which hinders interaction. form more information on this click here