Journey of life!

The day of our birth is the day of our getting on the train. This journey is full of pretty surprises, and also full of anguish. It begins with our getting on the train and finishes with our getting out of it. As we embark on this journey we meet people we want to stay with all through the journey.

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But the truth is;

At some point our fellow-travellers get off the train including the ones that sit right next to us and deny us of their exceptional company. But it does not stop others from getting on. This journey is full of trials, fantasies, and lots of challenges which makes it the more reason we need to be nice to all passengers in the train.

The big mystery dwells in the fact that we will never know which station we are getting off. But the most important thing is that when it’s time for them to get off the train they will get out at the terminal station In so many ways with possessions they never have during their getting on. The thought that we contributed to their luggage and making it more treasured will make us happy.

Dear friends, let us take advantage of our train journey, not only for our own benefit, but for others. So when the moment of getting off the train comes, our place remains pleasurable for those who continue on the journey. for more on this click here

Dear fellow travellers, have a nice trip!!!